Improve your performance eliminating test anxiety.

   Are tests and exams very stressful for you? 

   When you have a test do you get nervous, anxious and moody?

   During the test do you find it difficult to collect all the data you have in your mind? Do you kind of feel "blank"?

   Do you find it difficult to keep your focus for a long period in class or at home?

   Or did you just move to your new school and you feel like you don't fit anywhere and you can't follow your teachers?

   Do you have Math phobia, speech panic or the like?

   If you answered yes to at least 1 of the above questions I have the right tool for you.

   EFT is an easy modality that can help you in any stressful situation.

   EFT helps you release all negative emotions about just any situation, leaving your mind free to perform at its best. 

   In two 50 minute sessions I'll teach you how to use EFT for test anxiety and other school related issues. It's easy and fun to use. And you'll find it useful for the rest of your life.

   Tip: you can use it also during classes and nobody will notice anything,

 I'll teach you how to do that:)

   For students of any age. 


   Tap away the stress and tap into your best!


   phone: 202-629 8303