EFT takes care of your health starting from the emotional issues. It uses two approaches at the same time:

1 - physically tapping on some points of the Chinese meridian system (you tap on yourself)

2 - mentally and/or verbally tuning in to specific issues

Energy naturally flows in our bodies. This energy is a type of electricity and you can easily see that when you do an electrocardiograph (EKG) for example, in such circumstances what is being measured is the electrical activity of your heart. The same happens with an electroencephalograph (EEG), it measures the electrical activity of your brain. Chinese medicine has discovered that our body energy flows through specific channels called meridians and this is what modern Chinese acupuncture is based on.

In EFT you tap with your fingers to help your energy flow regularly. 

Why do you need that? During your entire life you incur in traumas of any type, from serious ones like the loss of a beloved one, a car accident or a separation, to everyday "minor traumas" or accumulation of stress like an argument with your boss, an exam to pass, a failure in meeting a deadline or even simply a sense of seeing your life going wrong. In all of these cases your energy resents of the trauma and it doesn't flow freely, instead it gets stuck. While these energy blockages are the result of an emotional issue they are also the base of many health problems.

During an EFT session you delicately refer to emotional issues and distressing memories and at the same time you tap on specific meridian points. You are absolutely never re-traumatized, on the contrary we can definitely affirm that EFT is emotionally and physically painless. The action of tapping physically stimulates the meridians where there is a blockage, this way your energy can flow freely again taking away the emotional and/or physical problem.

At this point something almost unbelievable happens. It works! You are free from the stress and the heaviness of negative memories and emotional problems. And what is most amazing is that you are also free -or almost free- from their influence on your body. You are happy and healthy!

There is much more behind EFT. If you are interested in knowing more about different approaches to explaining why and how EFT works you can read here:

As for myself I use it and I see it works. What else? Try it now!