Dear Woman,

   I can see where you are, I can feel your feelings, I can relate to you. We can work together, we can do some wonderful things together. You will be the guide, I will be on your side.

   You may be struggling with feeling stuck in your everyday life, somehow sacrificing yourself and not following your dreams. Like a shirt that has become too tight, this life doesn't fit you anymore.

   You may be feeling that you do have special gifts, but they are left behind. That's why you would like to explore new horizons both personally and professionally. Still you feel hesitant, and like that famous song you keep on considering the two options "should I stay or should I go". Or even worse, you delegate the decision to someone else.

   You may be feeling lonely and isolated. You never put yourself first, and now that someone is gone you don't know where to start from.

   Very often our body is our first friend, even when we feel like it's almost our enemy, because it's the first to send us signals of a need for change. Change can be a scary word, we don't need to jump dive anywhere though. Life is made of little things, little movements.

   I know you can live a more joyful and fulfilling life, I know I can help you.

  If you like movement try my unique EFT&MOVEMENT   

   I deeply value our body's capability to connect to and express our emotions and I have a lot of experience working the body. During EFT&MOVEMENT sessions I combine EFT with movements stimulated by selected music. Your body will be your companion and even your guide in your path towards the life you envision for yourself.

   I want to be sure I'm the right person for you, so I strongly suggest we have a short conversation before you decide you want to work with me and I offer a 45 minutes free session.

   Each EFT or EFT&MOVEMENT session lasts 60 minute on average.

   I offer you a package of 4 sessions in a row for $330. This package includes the possibility of exchanging emails between sessions to support your process.

   I'm here for YOU, call me NOW!


   Tel. 202-629 8303