EFT works in a very individual way, which means you are the one setting your goals. 

   We will talk about your goal and I'll explain and show you how to do the Tapping. We will start unlocking your blockages right away.

   Sometimes I will give you some homework:) Don't worry it will be nothing complicated or time consuming, on the contrary I'm sure you will like it. You will immediately feel empowered, a very good feeling I think.

   Some issues are resolved incredibly fast, others require more sessions. This is a personal journey towards a better life, please accept that we cannot set a specific deadline.

   If you enjoy doing some movements, along with Tapping I'll propose some easy movements stimulated by selected music that help you stabilize your changes and make you sense them deeply in your body.

   I want to be sure I'm the right person for you, so I strongly suggest we have a short conversation before you decide you want to work with me and I offer a 45 minutes free session.

   Each EFT or EFT&MOVEMENT session lasts 60 minutes on average.

   I offer you a package of 4 sessions in a row for $330. This package includes the possibility of exchanging emails between sessions to support your process.

   Please contact me for the venue or to establish a skype contact and work from distance.


   phone: 202-629 8303